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On these pages we wish to publish tanka written or translated by Society members. We invite your submissions at any time and very much encourage you to present collections of poems as well as individual tanka. Submissions should be written in either English (see note below) or Japanese and will be peer-reviewed before appearing online. We are open to discuss presentation styles and generally aim to publish your work as either web pages or Word document/ PDF files. We look forward to building up a rich and diverse collection of tanka online.

Notes For Writing Tanka: Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry which consists of 31 syllables in five syllabic units: 5-7-5-7-7. When Japanese tanka are translated into English the syllabic units are usually written as five lines, but the syllable count is not adhered to. The Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society recognises tanka written in English which have 31 syllables, or 32 syllables at most. We also accept tanka written in English in a freer style, which may be shorter than 31 syllables. We are also happy to accept tanka written in Japanese.






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